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Rules and Regulations

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Here you will find the rules and regulations adopted by the Santa Clara City Council. These rules and regulations govern the manner in which the City's municipal utilities conduct business. For a complete list of the items governed by the rules and regulations below, please review the Table of Contents in the document itself.

  • Electric Utility
    Contents include items specific to the electric utility such as details of standard service requirements, special service contracts, developers requirements, responsibility for protective devices, and customer-owned distributed generation.

  • Electrical Energy Surcharge Rate
    The State Surcharge is required by California state law and supports funding for the California Energy Commission.  The surcharge is equal to kWh billed times the State Surcharge Rate.

  • Utility Billing
    Contents include billing-related items in common with all Santa Clara utilities such as application for utility service(s), establishment of credit, utility payment requirements, disconnection for non-payment and access to utility equipment.

  • Water Utility
    Contents include items specific to the water utility such as the application for new or temporary water service, backflow prevention devices, water equipment access requirements, service connections and meters, automatic fire service, fire hydrants, and recycled water use.