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Utility Fact Sheet

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Electric Utility
City of Santa Clara
City Hall
1500 Warburton Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(408) 261-5292
Form of Government: Council-City Manager
No. of Employees (2018-19): 198
Operating Budget (2018-19): $532,671,303
Fast Facts:
Electric Accounts 55,116
Peak Demand 587.8 MW
Service Area 18.41 square miles
System Load Factor 72.4%
Transmission Lines 55.5 miles
Distribution Lines:
Underground 370.9 miles
Overhead 186.6 miles
Street Lights 8,075
2019 Calendar Year Retail Transactions:
Sales Revenues (note 1) $422,917,148
kWh Sales 3,593,748,514
Purchased Power & Generation for Retail:
City-owned Generating Facilities 742,631,209 19.9%
Western Area Power Administration 304,734,000 8.2%
Northern California Power Agency 942,603,908 25.3%
Other Joint Power Agencies & City Purchases 1,739,376,537 46.6%
Total 3,729,345,654 100.0%
Average Monthly Customer Count & Total kWh Sales:
Residential 48,372 234,487,717 6.5%
Commercial 6,544 90,974,624 2.5%
Industrial 1,806 3,250,265,708 90.5%
Municipal 100 18,020,465 0.5%
Unmetered 343 N/A N/A
Total 57,165 3,593,748,514 100.0%
Note 1: Unaudited; Includes revenue from unmetered accounts.
Note 2: kWh sales may include adjustments due to timing issues.  

Financial Statement and Information

Silicon Valley Power is an enterprise of the City of Santa Clara and was established in 1896. On a not-for-profit basis, Silicon Valley Power owns power generation facilities, has investments in joint ventures that produce electric power, and trades power on the open market. These efforts are directed toward ensuring its retail customers—the citizens, organizations and business of the City of Santa Clara—a highly reliable source of electric power at low, stable rates.

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