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Strategic Plan

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 View our strategic plan

View our strategic plan

Our mission statement is straightforward, and our goals are clear. Take a look for yourself.

Silicon Valley Power Mission Statement

“Our mission is to be a progressive, service-oriented utility, offering reliable, competitively priced services for the benefit of Santa Clara and its customers.”

Silicon Valley Power Goals

  • Be competitive in the marketplace with a continuous focus on customer service 
  • Provide economic value to the City of Santa Clara and its customers, maintain low residential rates, and offer competitive rates for all customer classes
  • Manage debt and resources to achieve and maintain a competitive position
  • Be a strategically driven organization with a focus on our performance as an energy services supplier
  • Operate Silicon Valley Power in a safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner
  • Manage Silicon Valley Power successfully through electric industry restructuring
  • Enhance value to our customers through the delivery of new products and services
  • Manage Silicon Valley Power's participation in joint powers agencies to achieve the City of Santa Clara's goals
  • Develop flexibility to respond to changing business environments
  • Achieve quality communications with all stakeholders

    Strategic Plan

    At the December 4, 2018 meeting, the City Council unanimously adopted Silicon Valley Power’s 2018 Strategic Plan that will address the challenges facing the utility over the next 10 years. The plan allows the City of Santa Clara’s electric utility to be agile, transparent and accountable as SVP prepares for future challenges.  Through the 10-year strategic plan, SVP developed over 30 strategic initiatives in four distinct areas:

    • Utility Performance Excellence – The Effective Business Process Management Initiative will evaluate, enhance and document critical business processes, and implement the improved processes. The initiative will maintain continuous improvement through periodic review protocols with data from utility benchmarking partners.

    • Customer Engagement and Satisfaction – This initiative acknowledges the need to routinely and fully communicate with stakeholders/customers, and collect their feedback on the opportunities and challenges facing their utility. The upcoming Customer Portal Initiative aims to enhance methods of customer engagement with a more convenient, 24/7 online access to current usage along with detailed information to track energy uses, schedule customer alerts and online bill payment.

    • Progress & Innovation Focus – This strategic area requires targeted and dedicated staff resources to filter and vet creative project ideas and emerging technologies on a regular basis, eliminate or approve concepts, and generate actionable plans. The planned five-year Technology Strategic Plan initiative will enable a cross-cutting team to develop a comprehensive plan and roadmap, focusing on utility technology deployments that will improve day-to-day operations and enable the integration of emerging technology on the grid.

    • Community and Environmental Stewardship – This initiative focuses on SVP’s leadership role in the City’s Smart City Planning and alignment with broader community goals related to energy, sustainability and the City’s Climate Action Plan.