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Power Content Label

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Low rates are just one of the reasons to be happy with your service from Silicon Valley Power. That's because Silicon Valley Power provides electricity that is not only highly reliable, but environmentally friendly as well. By offering power from a variety of sources, we are able to reduce the impact on the environment and provide clean energy to all of our customers. In January 2018, Silicon Valley Power began providing 100% carbon-free power to all residential customers. This will be reflected in our power content label in the coming years. The chart below shows a breakdown of different types of power supplied to Silicon Valley Power's customers.


2018 Power Content Label

City of Santa Clara / SILICON VALLEY POWER
Residential Mix 
Santa Clara
Non-Residential Mix  
Santa Clara
Green Power Standard Mix
Santa Clara
Green Power - National Mix 
CA Power Mix**
 Eligible Renewable 45%  32%  29% 6% 31% 
   Biomass & Biowaste 0%  2%  0%  0%  2% 
   Geothermal 0%  5%  0%  0%  5%
   Eligible Hydroelectric 0%  13%  0%  0%  2% 
   Solar 27%  <1%  29%  0%  11% 
   Wind 19%  11%  0%  6%  11%
Coal   0%  0% 0%  0% 3%
Large Hydroelectric  55%  11% 0%  0% 11% 
Natural Gas  0% 34% 0%  0% 35% 
Nuclear  0% 0% 0%  0% 9%
Other  0% 0% 71% 94%  <1% 
Unspecified sources of power*  0% 23% 0%  0% 11% 
TOTAL   100% 100%  100%  100% 100% 

* "Unspecified sources of power" means electricity from transactions that are not traceable to specific generation sources.

** Percentages are estimated annual by the California Energy Commission based on the electricity generated in California and net imports as reported to the Quarterly Fuel and Energy Report database and the Power Source Disclosure program.

For specific information about this electricity product, contact:
City of Santa Clara/Silicon Valley Power
 408-244-SAVE (7283) 
For general information about the Power Content Label, please visit: 
For additional questions, please contact the California Energy Commission at:
Toll-free in California: 844-454-2906
Outside California: 916-653-0237


What is the Power Content Label? 

California State legislation (SB 1305) requires all energy service providers, such as Silicon Valley Power, to annually inform their customers of the source of power they are being sold. Such information is provided in the form of a Power Content Label.  Think of the Power Content Label as a “nutrition label” for electricity. This label provides reliable information about the energy resources used to generate electricity, enabling you to easily compare the power “content” of one electricity product with that of another.