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About SVP

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In Santa Clara, electricity is more than just a service. It powers innovation and shapes how we impact the world. As a community‑owned electric utility, Silicon Valley Power has provided dependable electric service for over 120 years. Using energy expertise and local knowledge, we continue to serve our customers and help local businesses thrive.

Silicon Valley Power is committed to Santa Clara businesses and residents. We are able to meet our customers’ needs, offer low rates and provide innovative programs, like Santa Clara Green Power, to create an environment that fosters success. We are proud to power the Santa Clara community.

  • Power Content Label
    Get information on the diverse generation resources and high renewable energy content that make up the power supplied to Santa Clara residents and businesses.

  • Utility Fact Sheet
    Get statistics on Silicon Valley Power's operations and download a copy of our most recent financial statements.

  • Strategic Plan
    View Silicon Valley Power's Mission Statement and Goals.

  • Integrated Resource Plan
    View information on Silicon Valley Power’s Integrated Resource Plan.

  • System Reliability
    Get the latest information on our electric facility inspection reports.

  • Our Story
    Silicon Valley Power has been meeting the electric needs of the community for over one hundred years. Learn more about our history.

  • FAQS
    Get answers to frequently asked questions on a variety of topics related to Silicon Valley Power, Renewable Energy, the SVP MeterConnect™ program, and more.

  • RFPs & Bids
    Get information on Silicon Valley Power's current Requests for Proposals or Bids.