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Silicon Valley Power (SVP) works hard to provide our community with reliable electricity and attentive customer service. As your city-owned, not-for-profit municipal electric utility, SVP delivers quality power to you at rates averaging 25-48% lower than the rates in neighboring cities.

We follow a basic set of principles that have served as our core values for over one hundred years: Service, Stability, Reliability and Quality. Today, the people in our organization embody these values: they're what make Silicon Valley Power your hometown advantage.

Outages and Alerts

Get  information on current and past power outages, what to do in the event of a power alert or outage, and system-wide power quality events.

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About SVP

Find out about SVP and the resources that make up our power mix. You can also review our strategic plan or read more about the story of your community-owned electric utility.

Our Story

Silicon Valley Power - Proudly serving Santa Clara for more than 100 years.

Our History: Electric Trolley Car

It all began on July 23, 1896, when the creation of a municipal electric utility was authorized by order of the Santa Clara Board of Town Trustees. The Town of Santa Clara went to work creating a lighting plant consisting of forty-six 2,000-candlepower direct current lamps and a small dynamo (or electric generator). At the end of October 1896, the electric utility formally entered into service. Read more about history of Silicon Valley Power.

Rules and Regulations

View the Rules and Regulations for all of your utility services


Learn about current SVP projects.

Energy Education

Learn more about educational resources that SVP provides.