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Green Power for Your Home

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Join thousands of your Santa Clara neighbors in reducing their environmental impact. Santa Clara Green Power allows you to match your electricity use with 100% solar energy for only 1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour more a month. That’s roughly $7.50 extra per month for the average Santa Clara home to support solar energy - almost entirely from California! For the average household in Santa Clara that means purchasing clean energy only costs about $7.50 extra per month. And as always, your participation is voluntary and you may cancel at any time.

Did you know?

Unlike the carbon-free mix that Silicon Valley Power residential customers receive that contains energy from sources such as large hydroelectric dams and landfill gas, the zero-emission solar energy that Santa Clara Green Power participants purchase is 100% renewable by CA Air Resources Board and Green-e Energy certified. 

Ready to support 100% solar energy?

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