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When you join Santa Clara Green Power, you join a pioneering community of green - powered Santa Clara businesses. By joining this voluntary program, businesses of all types and sizes can cover some or all of their electricity consumption with green power – helping create a brighter future and a better world. Will you join the cause?

Your Business Benefits

  • Meet your company’s sustainability goals
  • Be counted among Santa Clara’s environmental leaders
  • Differentiate your business with unique marketing opportunities
  • Earn LEED® Energy & Atmosphere Green Power Credits
  • Support a cleaner environment and local and regional green energy facilities

Green Power Tiers 

 Green Power Supporter

 Quarter Turbine Champion

 Half Turbine Champion

 Full Turbine Champion

Green Power Supporter Qtr. Turbine Champion* Half Turbine Champion* Full Turbine Champion*
No minimum
purchase level
Minimum purchase
804 MWh/Yr
Minimum purchase
1,608 MWh/Yr
Minimum purchase
3,216 MWh/Yr
$15 / MWh
100% Western Solar
$4.75 / MWh
50% National Wind
50% Western Wind
 $4.75 / MWh
50% National Wind
50% Western Wind

 $4.75 / MWh
50% National Wind
50% Western Wind


Market Price
100% National Wind

We make it easy for your business to become green powered, which is why we offer a variety of green power tiers designed to fit every business budget. Businesses can participate in Santa Clara Green Power in one of two ways:

  • by purchasing Santa Clara Green Power in multiple one-thousand kilowatt-hour increments called “blocks”, or
  • by purchasing Santa Clara Green Power to match 100% of their electricity use each month.

See the table below to select a level that works best for you. Plus, qualify for additional renewable energy product options and lower prices by making a large purchase.

*Tiers representing Quarter Turbine, Half Turbine, and Full Turbine Champion participants are based on capacity factor assumptions for turbines with 1.5 MW of generating capacity. Typical wind power capacity factors are 20-40%.

Marketing Benefits

We offer marketing and recognition benefits to help set your business apart. Reference the table below to learn about the marketing benefits you receive when you join Santa Clara Green Power (benefits outlined by green power tier).


recognition opportunity green power supporter qtr. turbine champion  half turbine champion  full turbine champion
Santa Clara Green Power Window Cling X X
Customized Santa Clara Green Power 20 x 30" Poster
Custom Custom Custom
Business Feature in Green Power Newsletter
Highlight in the SVP Outlet Newsletter        X
Linked Listing on Santa Clara Green Power Webpage X X
Social Media Announcements X X
Santa Clara Green Power Digital Badge X X
Documentation support for EPA Green Power Partner and LEED applications X X
Participating Santa Clara Businesses