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Silicon Valley Power encourages the use of electric vehicles (EVs) as a part of our commitment to reduce carbon emissions.  We believe with convenient and publicly accessible EV charging stations, residents and business can help accelerate our efforts.   

Charging Stations

Visit one of the City installed publicly available EV charging stations listed below or click on a pin on the interactive map to learn more about EV charging stations in your area.

Location Level 2 EV ChargING pORTS Level 3 DC Fast ChargING PORTS
Central Park Library 1 1
Santa Clara Convention Center 5 2
Tasman Garage (across from Levi's Stadium) 48 1
City Hall 7 0
 Northside Library 4 0

Note: Visit the PlugShare website for more details on EV charging stations.


Silicon Valley Power does not offer a special EV charging rate at this time. Our normal rates are already lower on average than other local utility EV charging rates.

Cost Compare with PG&E

(effective 09-01-18)

(anytime charging)

Summer EV(A*) EV(B*) D-1 (A)
On-Peak 0.48128 0.47459 0.11820
Partial-Peak 0.26391 0.26056 0.11820
Off-Peak 0.12811 0.12762 0.11820
Peak 0.33832 0.33120 0.11820
Partial-Peak 0.20840 0.20483 0.11820
Off-Peak 0.13107 0.13056 0.11820
EV(A) = Whole house rate
EV(B) = EV-only rate (extra charge for separate meter)