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Commitment to Renewable Energy

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Climate change is a significant global issue, and California has taken a nationwide leadership role in leading change. As the timeframe for significant change narrows before irreparable damage is done, California has recently passed SB100 which envisions a California with a greenhouse gas-free energy supply by 2045.

Many California cities have taken unprecedented action to continue to address climate change. Pasadena and Burbank have already taken actions similar to what the City of Santa Clara is considering from a policy standpoint.

The City’s electric utility, Silicon Valley Power, is well on its way to meeting the State’s goals for renewable energy.

SVP commits to only bring in new energy sources that are renewable and/or greenhouse gas-free (GHG) to the city:

  • 50% renewable energy by 2026
  • 60% renewable energy by 2030
  • GHG free energy supply by 2045

A Commitment to Fighting Climate Change

SVP has made a commitment to environmental responsibility and reversing the effects of climate change.
  • In 2017, SVP had a power mix that was 36% renewable and 72% GHG free.
  • The City now buys only renewable or GHG free power -Over the last five years, SVP has acquired the following to reduce GHG-emitting energy:

New Renewable Energy Policies Under Consideration

At the May 7, 2019 meeting, the City Council unanimously approved a policy that will require all new private energy generation in Santa Clara to be renewable. Per the newly adopted policy, all private generation will have to make the same commitment as the City has made and advance the goals of SB 100. 
  • The policy will apply to all customers without a complete application by June 1, 2019 to interconnect to a new self-generation resource; also applies for requests to increase the capacity rating of existing generation facilities.
  • The policy won't apply to self-generation resource with existing interconnection agreements.
  • The policy won't apply to backup generation (such backup generation typically runs on a limited, as-needed basis)
The Council's policy action will grandfather all existing non-renewable facilities.

View the news release.
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