Rates and Fees

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For commercial customers whose energy use does not exceed 8,000 kWh per month, please see the C-1 rates and time of use rate schedule.

Small Industrial

For commercial and industrial customers whose energy use exceeds 8,000 kWh per month, but whose maximum electric demand does not exceed 4,000 (kW), please see the CB-1 rates and time of use rate schedule.

Large Industrial

SVP vs. PG&E Average Rates*

Class of service svp avg rates as of 07/01/19 ($/kwh) PG&E aVG Total Rates as of 07/01/19 ($/kwh) **† SVP Lower ($/kwh) SVP lower (%)  PG&E Higher ($/kwh) PG&E Higher (%) 
Small Commercial













Large Commercial 





$0.086  39%   $0.086  63%
Small Industrial 





$0.063 32%  $0.063  46% 
 Large Industrial





 $0.041  25% $0.041   33%
Very Large Industrial 





$0.054   33%  $0.054 49% 

* Average rates based on estimated forecasts, including surcharges. Average rates are provided for general reference, and individual customer's average rate will depend on its applicable kw and kwh.  

**  This comparison does not factor in the additional user tax charge levied in most PG&E service jurisdictions (typically 5%). Santa Clara customers are not charged these additional fees. 
† Source: PG&E Rates Effective July 1, 2019 to Present

Net Energy Metering Service (Schedule NM) 

This schedule is applicable to all SVP customers who own and operate a solar or a wind turbine electric generating facility, or a hybrid system of both, that is located on the customer’s premises and operating in parallel with SVP’s transmission and distribution facilities. Such facilities shall not exceed 1000 kilowatts and shall be used primarily to offset part or all of the customer’s own electric requirements. Please see the NM Rate Schedule.  

Standby Service

For Small Industrial (CB-1) or Large Industrial (CB-3) demand-metered customers with non-solar, on-site self-generation operated in parallel with electric service from Silicon Valley Power, please see the SB-1 standby rate schedule.  

Street and Highway Lighting (SL-1)

For service to street and highway lighting systems which illuminate publicly-dedicated streets and highways by means of incandescent filament, mercury vapor, or high pressure sodium vapor lamps, This schedule is applicable only to those instances where the customer owns the lighting fixtures, street lighting supporting structure and interconnecting circuits. Please see the SL-1 rate schedule.

Private Outdoor Area Lighting Service (SL-2)

For customers with private all night outdoor area lighting service which illuminates privately-owned lands and property supplied from an overhead source. This schedule is applicable only to those instances where Silicon Valley Power installs, owns and maintains all facilities in accordance with Municipal Code of the City of Santa Clara and the Rules and Regulations for Electric Service. Please see the SL-2 rate schedule.

Other Rates and Fees

For Garbage and Clean Green rates - call Mission Trail Waste Systems at 408-727-5365.