Rules and Regulations

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Rules, Rates and Fees

Here you will find the rules, regulations, rates and fees adopted by the Santa Clara City Council. These rules and regulations govern the manner in which the City's municipal utilities conduct business. For a complete list of the items governed by the rules and regulations below, please review the Table of Contents in the document itself.

Rules and Regulations

pdf Utility Billing [147k]:
Contents include billing-related items in common with all Santa Clara utilities such as application for utility service(s), establishment of credit, utility payment requirements, disconnection for non-payment and access to utility equipment.

pdf Water Utility [275k]:
Contents include items specific to the water utility such as the application for new or temporary water service, backflow prevention devices, water equipment access requirements, service connections and meters, automatic fire service, fire hydrants, and recycled water use.

pdf Electric Utility [153k]:
Contents include items specific to the electric utility such as details of standard service requirements, special service contracts, developers requirements, responsibility for protective devices, and customer-owned distributed generation.

pdf Garbage, Recycling, Hazardous Waste [440k]:
Contents include items specific to Garbage, Refuse, Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste, and/or Clean Green such as the storage, collection, transportation, and disposal of Garbage, Refuse, Recycling and Clean Green materials.

Other Standards

pdf UG1000 - Installation of Underground Substructures by Developers [2,007k]:
This standard is intended for use by developers, contractors under contract to the City of Santa Clara, and City forces. It provides specific details and requirements for the installation of underground electric substructures for electric power system projects.

pdf UG 0345 – Trench Backfill Requirements [89k]:
Within the UG 1000 standard is information regarding standard backfill requirements for electric trenches. UG 0345 is intended to provide guidance and direction to installers of SVP electric conduit systems about the acceptable trench backfill methods and related material specifications.

pdf UG 0340 – Conduit Spacers [9,277k]:
Within the UG 1000 standard is information regarding the installation of new underground substructures, including electric conduit systems. UG 0340 is intended to provide guidance and direction to installers of SVP electric conduit systems about the conduit support requirements, acceptable conduit spacing methods and related material specifications.

pdf SVP Standard S-0053 Facility Connection Requirements  [334k]:
Technical interconnection requirements for third parties and/or customers (Applicant) requesting interconnection to Silicon Valley Power (SVP) facilities at voltages greater than 12kV. Note that SVP, pursuant to SVP City of Santa Clara Rules and Regulations, cannot allow interconnection of Applicant facilities to its 230kV or 115kV transmission facilities.

pdf Residential Electric Service Requirements [2,965k]:
These general guidelines will assist you in installing or upgrading electric service in the City of Santa Clara. In addition to SVP's requirements, the City of Santa Clara Building Department's requirements must be met.


Electric - Residential Rates 
Electric - Commercial Rates
Water, Sewer and Recycled Water Rates

For Garbage and Clean Green rates - call Mission Trail Waste Systems at (408) 727-5365.


Municipal Fee Schedule  

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