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Organizational History – Who We Are

Silicon Valley Power is the trademark adopted for use by the not-for-profit electric municipal utility of Santa Clara, CA serving residents and businesses since 1896. SVP provides power to more than 50,000 customers, including Applied Materials, Intel, Owens Corning,Yahoo! and NVIDIA at rates 15 to 45 percent below neighboring communities. (History.)

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Jennifer Yamaguma
City of Santa Clara
Telephone: 408.615.2212

Mary Medeiros McEnroe
Silicon Valley Power
Telephone: 408.615.6644
Email: mmedeiro<at>

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SVP Receives 2018 Award of Continued Excellence
Michele Suddleson of the American Public Power Association and Damon Beck of Silicon Valley Power with the Award of Continued Excellence, given to Silicon Valley Power on April 30, 2018.

Award Of Continued Excellence

Silicon Valley Power receives the prestigious Ward of Continued Excellence from the American Public Power Association.

SVP Community Engagement Award
Kevin Kolnowski, Assistant Director, Silicon Valley Power with Chuck Thurman (left), 2017 Awards Committee Chair, City of Monmouth (Ore.) and Alex Love (right), 2016-2017 Board President, Nelson Hydro (Nelson, B.C.)

wind turbine Big Horn Wind Farm
Silicon Valley Power (Santa Clara, CA) began investing in wind power in the early 1980s.

Silicon Valley Power Honored for  Business Efficiency Efforts
John Roukema, Director of Electric Utility for Silicon Valley Power (center), receives the Resource Efficiency and Community Service Award from the California Municipal Utilities Association. CMUA President Michelle Bertolino (left) and Executive Director Barry Moline (right) presented the award.

SVP Electric Utility Lineman SVP Electric Utility Lineman
On December 3, 2016, Silicon Valley Power employees hit a company-record 1000-day milestone without accidents or injuries requiring someone to miss a day of work. Pictured is SVP Electric Utility Lineman Lington Gordon.

Miles Wolf awarded scholarship
Silicon Valley Power Scholarship Awards recipient Miles Wolf and parents Roy and Janice Wolf display the scholarship won by the U.C. Santa Barbara student, who graduated from Santa Clara’s Wilcox High School.

keep balloons away from power lines logo Balloons
Helium balloons and power lines do not mix, and can cause dangerous power outages when they do. Silicon Valley Power (SVP) continues to remind celebrants to "Hold on Tight" to helium balloons, which can wrap around power lines and cause power outages.

Bees in the pole
Up to 40,000 endangered European honey bees took up residence inside his streetlight pole scheduled for replacement in Santa Clara. Silicon Valley Power crews called a professional beekeeper to save the hive on Dec. 23, 2015.

Art Hall gets to work
Beekeeper and extraction expert Art Hall removed the bolts that hold down the streetlight where a European honey bee colony had taken up residence in Santa Clara. The pole would be removed to a Silicon Valley Power construction yard where the bees will be relocated to a traditional box bee hive.

Smoking the bees
Bee extractor Art Hall uses smoke to calm the European honey bees inside a Silicon Valley Power streetlight post in Santa Clara on Dec. 23, 2015. He then placed a plastic bag over the base before the pole was transported to a construction yard where the bees will move into a new box bee hive and live out their lives at the 4-H Ranch in Santa Clara.

Worker Lifting the pole
Silicon Valley Power crew member Chris Foster steadies the light pole housing 30-40,000 European honey bees held inside by a plastic bag until the pole can be placed next to a box bee hive. The bees will migrate to the box hive when they are released.

SVP dimechart for Fiscal year 2014-2015

Larry Owens receives Lacy Peoples Award
Larry Owens, Silicon Valley Power (SVP) Customer Services Manager, has received the Northwest Public Power Association’s (NWPPA) lifetime achievement award for his work in customer communications and marketing for SVP, the City of Santa Clara’s municipal electric utility.

charlie fortuno
Charlie Fortuno of Silicon Valley Power (SVP) has an electrical engineering degree with an emphasis on power engineering.

"Graduates with an engineering degree can get six figures now in the Bay Area utility industry and we get to work with new systems that are changing with the evolution of the energy sector," Fortuno says. "I’ll never run out of new utility IT areas to explore.”
SVP is offering college scholarships and trade school tuition grants up to $5,000 for students studying in fields related to the electric power industry.

Lington gordon
Lington Gordon is an Electric Utility Lineman for Silicon Valley Power (SVP).

"I feel like I make a difference in people's lives when I'm working on the system," Gordon said.
SVP offers trade school tuition grants of up to $2,000 and college scholarships up to $5,000 for Santa Clara (CA) college and trade school students studying fields related to the electric power industry.


Bay Checkerspot butterfly
Bay Checkerspot butterfly

Odas Odas
Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (oDAS) nodes in the City of Santa Clara will be mounted on existing structures such as streetlights and light poles in parking lots. The area of the City around the Santa Clara Convention Center, California’s Great America theme park and Levi’s Stadium will have oDAS installed by early 2016 to give cell phone and mobile device users better service from participating cellular companies. This oDAS antenna node is seen near the middle of the light post.

Roukema Windmill
Silicon Valley Power Director John Roukema stands with a wind turbine rotor hub at the Big Horn Wind Energy Project in Washington. SVP’s innovative use of wind technology on behalf of its Santa Clara, CA customers earned it the U.S. Department of Energy’s annual Public Power Wind Award. The award was presented to SVP at the American Public Power Association’s annual conference on June 17, 2014. Wind power helps to partially offset the impacts of low rainfall years and limited hydroelectric resources.

electric Resource map
SVP’s resource mix is diverse in three ways: fuel type, geographic location and ownership arrangements. This diverse balance creates higher power reliability and helps keep rates low for its Santa Clara customers especially when certain resources are limited or power markets become volatile. SVP has one of the lowest system-average electric rates in California.

Kara Johnson with prototype circuit
Kara Johnson, 2009 Silicon Valley Power Scholarship recipient and Santa Clara High School graduate, works on a prototype circuit for a sensor used in her alternative biofuel research. Johnson is a Ph.D. candidate at U.C. San Diego after earning degrees in genetics and biological systems at U.C. Davis.

Kara Johnson with carbon probe
Kara Johnson shows her work on a carbon probe she used in her biofuels sensor research at U.C. San Diego. A 2009 recipient of a Silicon Valley Power scholarship, the Santa Clara High School graduate earned undergraduate degrees in genetics and biological systems at U.C. Davis. Applications from college and trade school students for the 2014-2015 school year are now being accepted.

Mark Wagner focuses solar mirror
Mark Wagner focuses a mirror on his solar-powered refrigeration system on a rooftop at Santa Clara University. Wagner, studying for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, was the recipient of a $5,000 tuition scholarship from Silicon Valley Power in 2011. Applications are now being accepted from college and trade school students for the 2014-15 school year.

Mark Wagner at cook stove
Santa Clara University master’s degree candidate Mark Wagner (left) works at a fuel-efficient wood-burning stove that also generates electricity for users in Nicaragua. In addition to his stove research last year, Wagner is currently researching the use of solar energy to power refrigerators in developing countries.

SVP power delivery ratingscustomer service satisfaction chart

Street LightStreet Light
Wi-Fi repeaters are mounted on streetlights to provide free outdoor Internet access within the 19 square miles of the City of Santa Clara, CA. The Wi-Fi system was launched last March, made possible by the Silicon Valley Power (SVP) advanced metering initiative, SVP MeterConnect®. The wireless network used for Wi-Fi will also carry highly encrypted utility usage data to the city when advanced utility meters are installed next year.

SVP Meterconnect WIFI chart
Usage of the free outdoor Wi-Fi in Santa Clara regularly exceeds 6,000 users per day, exceeding projections when the system was launched last March.

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