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Below is a list of our more frequently asked questions.  If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to give us a call at 408-244-SAVE (7283).

What is Silicon Valley Power?

Silicon Valley Power (SVP) is the City of Santa Clara's municipal electric utility.  As a department of the City, Silicon Valley Power has been providing electricity to Santa Clara residents and businesses since July 23, 1896.  If you're interested, you can learn more about our history.

Where does Santa Clara get its power?

SVP's published Power Content Label shows the breakdown of sources of electricity purchased by the utility for distribution to Santa Clara residents and businesses.  Starting in the 1980's, SVP began to diversify its power sources both by fuel type and by geography as indicated in our resource map.  Although we can expect shifts in this mix from year-to-year based on weather and changing power costs, the emphasis for SVP remains in acquiring longer-term resources that help stabilize rates as much as possible.  Renewable resources aid substantially in rate stabilization, but sources like wind and solar often come at a premium.

Does the City of Santa Clara generate power within its own city limits?

Santa Clara currently generates approximately 16 percent of its energy within city limits. The remainder of energy needs comes from a diverse set of resources owned and contracted for throughout California and Western United States.

How reliable is the power in Santa Clara?

According to an ongoing nationwide reliability benchmarking survey done by PA Consulting Group called Reliability Best Practices Report, SVP consistently ranks in the top quartile for several key measures of reliability. Our high reliability is a key factor in the attraction of businesses to Santa Clara.

Does Silicon Valley Power support renewable power generation?

Yes. SVP currently has a power mix with nearly twice the amount of renewable energy than the statewide average. SVP has an active plan  to secure even more renewable energy for all customers and provides unique options for individual customers to purchase 100 percent renewable power and / or contribute to the installation of solar systems on non-profit facilities in Santa Clara.

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