Green Power for Your Business


Businesses in Santa Clara can reduce their environmental footprint and support renewable energy by enrolling in Santa Clara Green Power. By joining this voluntary program, businesses of all types and sizes can cover some or all of their electricity consumption with green power.

Benefits for Business Participants

  • Meet your company’s sustainability goals
  • Be counted among Santa Clara’s environmental leaders
  • Differentiate your business with unique marketing opportunities
  • Earn LEED® Energy & Atmosphere Green Power Credits
  • Support a cleaner environment and local and regional green energy facilities

Purchasing Santa Clara Green Power Blocks vs. 100% of Use

Businesses can participate in Santa Clara Green Power in one of two ways, by purchasing Santa Clara Green Power in 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) increments called “blocks” to match any percentage of their monthly electricity use with green power, or by purchasing Santa Clara Green Power in an amount that matches 100% of their electricity use each month. Larger businesses tend to purchase Santa Clara Green Power in blocks, while smaller businesses tend to purchase Santa Clara Green Power to match 100% of their electricity use. If you would like to discuss business participation options, please contact a Key Customer Representative at

Participation Tiers

Santa Clara Green Power offers a variety of participation tiers designed to fit every business type and budget. As the table below illustrates, business participants can qualify for additional renewable energy product options and lower prices per unit with larger Santa Clara Green Power purchase volumes. Please contact for more information on large purchases.

SVP Participation Tiers Chart

*Tiers representing Quarter Turbine, Half Turbine, and Full Turbine Champion participants are based on capacity factor assumptions for turbines with 1.5 MW of generating capacity. Typical wind power capacity factors are 20-40%.

Marketing Benefits 
Whether you are a small, medium or large business. Santa Clara Green Power offers marketing and recognition benefits that enhance the appeal of your brand to a growing audience of environmentally conscious consumers. Recognition benefits provided by Santa Clara Green Power are outlined by participation tier in the table below. 

SVP Recognition Tiers Chart

Participating Santa Clara Businesses
See below for the full roster of Santa Clara businesses leading the charge on renewable energy by participating in the Santa Clara Green Power program. SVP encourages you to support these local leaders by visiting them in person or online.

14 Turbine Champion 
Applied Materials

9 Turbine Champion
Santa Clara University

Half Turbine Champions 
Aviat Networks, Inc. 
Santa Clara Convention Center 
Westfield Valley Fair 
Yahoo! Inc.

Quarter Turbine Champions
Plaza Suites/Sierra Land Group
Silicon Valley Bank

Green Power Supporters
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