Energy-Saving Tips

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At Silicon Valley Power, we want to help you keep your home comfortable and your energy bill low throughout the year.  Set off on the right path with information from the following articles.

12 easy ways to save energy

12 Easy Ways to Save Energy
Check out these easy ways to save energy with little effort and a big payoff.

weatherization tips

Weatherization Tips
Use this step-by-step guide to install weather stripping, outlet gaskets, window caulking, and more.

installing using whole house fans

Installing and Using Whole House Fans
Get all the information you need to select and install a properly-sized whole house fan.

cfl info Lighting Information
Learn more about how to select Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs and LEDs, including how to properly dispose of the CFLs at the end of their life.
watts up svp

Watt's Up, SVP?
Sign up for our free e-newsletter with energy-saving tips and get access to a full library of articles on saving energy to reduce your electric bills.

save money program your thermostat

Save Money by Programming Your Thermostat 
[PDF:379 kb] - Download this guide to learn how you can save money and energy by properly setting your programmable thermostat.

save energy home electronics

Save Energy On Home Electronics
[PDF: 311 kb] - Download this guide to learn how you can reduce the cost of using your home electronics.

energy use of video games

Understanding the Energy Use of Video Games
[PDF: 375 kb] - Download this guide to see how much energy your video game console consumes and get tips on how to control the energy cost.

zap phantom loads using smart strips

How to Zap Phantom Loads Using Smart Strips
[PDF: 410 kb] – Download this guide to learn how the use of a smart power strip can save you money when used with the right appliances and electronics.

energy efficient tips for watching tv

Energy Efficient Tips for Watching TV
[PDF: 300 kb] – Download this guide for more information on how much that set-top box, DVR, Blue-Ray player, and video streaming device costs to watch TV.

save energy during holidays with leds

Save Energy During the Holidays with LEDs
[PDF: 711 kb] – Download this guide to learn about the cost and safety benefits of LED holiday lights over traditional incandescent holiday lights.

no and low cost tips for renters

No and Low Cost Energy Efficiency Tips for Renters
[PDF: 289kb] – Download this guide to learn about simple low cost and no cost ways that renters can save energy and money.

space heater guide

Space Heater Guide
[PDF: 500kb] – Download this guide for tips on how to save money and energy when using a space heater and how to select the appropriate space heater for your needs.

air sealing basics

Air Sealing Basics
[PDF: 1,100kb] – Download this guide to learn about the common places where air leaks from your home, and some simple, low cost ways you can repair them in order to save energy and money.

SVP Fire Place

Fireplace Energy-Saving Tips
[PDF: 1,120kb] - Download this guide for tips on how to avoid heat loss in your home and save money.

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