Attic Insulation Rebate Program

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Receive a rebate of $0.10 per square foot of attic insulation

Residents of single-family or multi-family homes may be eligible to receive a rebate of $0.10 per square foot of attic space over conditioned space. Homes must have electric heat and multi-family homes must have separate attic space. Homes must have existing insulation less than R-19 insulating value and newly installed insulation must meet a minimum insulation value of R-38 or greater.

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Customers may install the attic insulation themselves or hire a contractor. Projects that require a building permit (involve remodeling, tearing down walls, etc.) are not eligible. Metallic foil, radiant barrier, reflective, or foil insulation does not qualify.


Projects will be inspected to verify quality of installation prior to payment. Installations that do not meet our quality assurance inspection will be denied unless the quality issue is remediated within 30 days.

Please review complete program guidelines prior to participation.

Fill out the rebate application and submit it to:

Silicon Valley Power 
Residential Rebate Program 
P.O. Box 162 
Santa Clara, CA 95050

You may also fax it to (408) 244-2990 or email it to

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