Electric Vehicles

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Man charging Electric VehicleDoes the Silicon Valley Power rebate EVs or chargers?
No. Rebates are not paid for EVs by Silicon Valley Power.

What do I need to know when purchasing my EV and installing a home charger?
First, many EVs can be effectively charged overnight using a standard 110 volt outlet (what’s called a “Level 1” charger).  Check with your EV manufacturer to see if this is sufficient for your vehicle.

If you decide you need a faster charger at home, installing a Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging system often requires changes to building wiring and utility electric services to meet the needs of this specialized equipment. You should: 

  • Talk to your EV manufacturer for information about what you need to charge your vehicle and what regulatory requirements there might be.
  • Be sure to use a licensed Electrical contractor whose license is current for electrical work. The contractor should also follow the guidelines of the manufacturer and the requirements of City of Santa Clara building codes.
  • Get a permit from the City before installing your charging system. Learn about Building Inspection Info and Guidelines for Commercial and Residential EV charging systems.

Why is Silicon Valley Power concerned about your EV charger installation?
Though an individual Level 2 EV charger may have a negligible impact on the utility electric system, the combined effect of several Level 2 EV chargers in the same area could result in overloads on utility secondary wires and transformers. It is important that Silicon Valley Power is notified of any charging station installations to ensure that utility electrical system components are adequately sized to maintain high levels of service reliability.

Silicon Valley Power needs information on location (address), type of charging equipment, charging level (as defined by NEC, Article 625, see Table 1 below), and number of chargers or electric vehicles being installed. 

General Electric Vehicle Charging Station questions:

Please contact the Building Department at (408) 615-2440 or Permit Center at (408) 615-2420

Electric Vehicle Charging Levels, National Electric Code, Article 625
CHARGER Level Voltage (V) Maximum Current (A) Frequency (Hz) Power (kVA)
1 120 12 60 1.4
2 208/240 32 60 6.7 / 7.8
3 High Power, High Speed Charging – Defined by Manufacturer’s Requirements


EV Updates

City Installed Publicly Available Electric Vehicle Charger Locations
Location Level 2 EV ChargING pORTS Level 3 DC Fast ChargING PORTS
Central Park Library 1 2
Santa Clara Convention Center 5 2
Tasman Garage (across from Levi's Stadium) 48 1
City Hall 7 0
 Northside Library  4  0

Finding a Charging Station

EV Rates

SVP does not offer a special EV charging rate at this time. Our normal rates are already lower on average than other local utility EV charging rates.

Cost Compare with PG&E

(effective 09-01-18)

(anytime charging)

Summer EV(A*) EV(B*) D-1 (A)
On-Peak 0.48128 0.47459 0.11820
Partial-Peak 0.26391 0.26056 0.11820
Off-Peak 0.12811 0.12762 0.11820
Peak 0.33832 0.33120 0.11820
Partial-Peak 0.20840 0.20483 0.11820
Off-Peak 0.13107 0.13056 0.11820
EV(A) = Whole house rate
EV(B) = EV-only rate (extra charge for separate meter)

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