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Santa Clara businesses enjoy some of the lowest electric rates in the state of California. If you’re considering moving your business to Santa Clara, enter your electric bill information into our rate calculator to see what your bill might look like if you were located in the city of Santa Clara.

For commercial customers whose energy use does not exceed 8,000 kWh per month, please see the C-1 rates and time of use rate schedule (PDF: 518KB).

Small Industrial
For commercial and industrial customers whose energy use exceeds 8,000 kWh per month, but whose maximum electric demand does not exceed 4,000 (kW), please see the CB-1 rates and time of use rate schedule (PDF: 948KB).

Large Industrial
For industrial customers whose maximum electric demand exceeds 4,000 kilowatts (kW), please see the CB-3 rates and time of use rate schedule (PDF: 881KB).

Street and Highway Lighting (SL-1)
For service to street and highway lighting systems which illuminate publicly-dedicated streets and highways by means of incandescent filament, mercury vapor, or high pressure sodium vapor lamps, This schedule is applicable only to those instances where the customer owns the lighting fixtures, street lighting supporting structure and interconnecting circuits. Please see the SL-1 rate schedule (PDF: 1MB )

Private Outdoor Area Lighting Service (SL-2)
For customers with private all night outdoor area lighting service which illuminates privately-owned lands and property supplied from an overhead source. This schedule is applicable only to those instances where Silicon Valley Power installs, owns and maintains all facilities in accordance with Municipal Code of the City of Santa Clara and the Rules and Regulations for Electric Service. Please see the SL-2 rate schedule (PDF: 807KB)

For a complete description of each rate schedule, email us at customerservice@siliconvalleypower.com.

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