Bright Start for New Business

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svp_new_businessThe City of Santa Clara is a great place to do business. Not only are our combined utility costs the lowest in the nine Bay Area counties, but we also provide rebates for the lighting and HVAC retrofits you need to operate your business efficiently-from the day you move in.

Bright Start
Our program staff helps new tenants move into Santa Clara business properties that already have energy-saving equipment installed. We also provide promotional incentives (up to 130 percent of normal rebate levels) for brokers, property managers, owners, and prospective tenants to upgrade facility lighting and HVAC. The results enhance property values and lower utility bills.

Free services

  • An energy audit of the facility with money-saving recommendations that are specifically tailored to the property
  • Bright Start for a New Business program membership
  • Management of the energy-efficient equipment installation for facilities under 30,000 square feet
  • Project management assistance—including help in finding and managing a qualified contractor or vendor
  • Rebates for installing energy-efficient equipment

The process
Our staff helps property managers, brokers, and owners understand ways to upgrade their facilities at a lower operating cost for prospective clients interested in locating to Santa Clara.

Once tenants have agreed to lease property in Santa Clara, SVP begins the Small Business Efficiency Services Program sign-up and modified energy audit process. Through the Small Business Efficiency Services Program, property upgrades agreed to by the landlord/tenant are made. Pre-qualified contractors can be recommended at this point.

Once retrofits are implemented and approved, rebates are processed.

For more information, email or call (408) 615-6650.

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