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In addition to a variety of rebates for installing energy efficient equipment, we offer ways to help you identify and implement energy-saving projects to reduce your bottom line.

  • Energy Survey - Learn about the FREE energy surveys we offer to help you identify ways to reduce your operating costs by improving energy efficiency in your facility.
  • Energy Design Assistance - If you're considering a new construction or major retrofit project, use our Design Assistance program to ensure you implement the most applicable energy efficient technologies and learn about incentives available to you.
  • Small Business Efficiency Services - If you're a small business and want to experience the value of energy-saving equipment, but don't have time to manage a contractor, this service is designed with you in mind.
  • Bright Start for New Business - If you're starting a new business in Santa Clara, get help from us to make sure your new facility is as energy efficient as possible before you move in.  We'll help you save money on your energy bill from day one.
  • Find an SVP Trade Ally - Locate contractors and equipment suppliers who are knowledgeable about SVP's energy efficiency rebates and incentives.

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